Combining 3 of my biggest passions – hospitality, people and sustainable travel – I am moslty invovled in projects and businesses that are are bult upon the idea of using the power of social entrepreneurship, businesss and leadership as a force for good.

Here is a list of my current projects, as well as several ideas for the future: 

Current Projects


Share. Experience. Connect.

With a vision to empower humanity to belong and grow, Podstel is a vision to create a worldwide community of “homes” for travellers and locals to come together to share their stories & skills, learn something new and create meaningful connections that last. Our first two locations are up and running in Bucharest, Romania. If you’re ever in town, be sure to come and stay with us

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Teahouse 5

Health. Creativity. Community.

With a vision to promote healthy living and creativity, Teahouse 5 is an alternative cafe, events space and community hub in central Bucharest, offering over 50 varieties of teas from all over the world, as well as smoothies and health-conscious products. Each week we organise workshops, events and performances for locals, expats and travellers based on our three pillars of healthy mind, body and spirit.

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Creative Steps

A platform that empowers young people to shine.

Creative Steps is an NGO on a mission to give young people with raw talent an opportunity to shine. We are a platform that helps up-and-coming artists and creatives with resources, audience, and know-how so that they can focus on growing their skillset and sharing their unique story and passions with the world.

The Zen Nomad

Growth Through Travel

Based on the belief that travel is one of the best ways to grow, The Zen Nomad combines travel and personal development in a journal-like format, sharing thoughts, ideas and lessons learned from the road to inspire more people to embark on their own journey of self-discovery, using travel as a catalyst to change for the better.


Future Projects

Wisdom of Humanity

Growth Through Travel

Following a slow-travel philosophy, Wisdom of Humanity is a travel journalism project and vision to embark on a world pilgrimage to document the wisdom that unites humanity by interviewing one human being from every single country in the world and chronicling the stories and lessons they have learned in life.  

University of Life

Experiential Learning for Humanity

Combining hospitality, education and nature, the University of Life adopts experiential learning, teamwork and community-based principles to teach leaders and changemakers of the future an alternative curriculum built on topics that students typically wouldn’t learn at a conventional school or university. Topics include emotional intelligence, cooking, entrepreneurship, leadership, health, sustainability, public speaking & building relationships – amongst many more.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any ideas or questions about any of these projects, please send me an email.